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Originally Posted by SpeedFreak5 View Post
Hey rtcat600man, I just had my MRT Version 1.0 exhaust installed yesterday. Found a place that did for $65.00 which is reasonable IMO. What a difference! Sounds really great and looks better than the suitcases I took off. They are loud but they are what I expected. I like them so far.

Attachment 132817

I also got my windows tinted with 18% carbon film. Cuts way down on the heat and I don't even need sunglasses to drive.

Attachment 132826

I think I copied you on the doorsill plates. I love them!

Attachment 132827

But then some girl backed into my car in the parking lot at Wal-Mart later last night and killed my buzz. How the hell can you NOT SEE a YELLOW Camaro?!?!? Scratched the bumber really bad and dented the right rear quarter panel. She kept saying "Oh, you can just pop that out, it's nothing, it will cost $200.00 at the most". She said she just had her rear bumper replaced so she must do this all the time. I could have killed her. Waiting for Progressive claim rep to call . I don't know how they're going to fix the quarter since it's unibody and conntected to the roof. Bondo? I hope not. Bumper needs to be replaced. :upset:

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Let me start off with the good stuff first. Glad to hear the MRT 1.0 meets your satisfaction. That is awesome. $65.00 is a decent price. I know I LOVE mine and I have the 2.0 Yep dropped off 25.5 lb suitcases to add 9.5 lb over night bags for a net loss of 32 lbs.

The tint looks great. I know I LOVE mine too. Changes the look of the Camaro to something even better.

Your right those sill plates are AWSOME. Those are the ones I have and you cannot beat the price.

Then comes the BAD news. How depressing. I think I would lose it. The just flat out blows. And your right how can you not see a YELLOW CAMARO. (she must be BLIND). You are correct the Body Side Outer is one piece. I work for GM and helped manufacture that BSO. My guess they will bump out what they can and try to bondo fill the rest? To say they would replace that whole panel is probably not going to happen unless they cut a section out and weld a new one back in. Make sure you talk to a GM dealer first and see what they will do. Bumper they can easily replace that piece.

Good Luck. Keep us posted on the outcome.
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