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Every single person coming in through the gate should be paying an admission to get in. Whether it be driving ($100) or spectator ($20), payment should be made.

The reason we are able to do these events is because EVERYONE puts in THEIR portion. If anyone sees anyone else walking around the grounds without a wristband and you had to pay? Think about it... NOT COOL. Call them out (maybe not to their face) but let one of us know. Just remember...that person is basically "stole" from the group while you had to pay. I don't know about y'all, but that ain't cool by me!!!

$20 really isn't crap when it comes down to it. Think about all the $ everyone puts into their cars!

C'mon, folks! Be honest!

(and yes...the track will definitely crack down on this tomorrow! I WILL MAKE SURE OF THIS)
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