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Originally Posted by LS1hawk View Post
It's amazing the number of folks that did this with the host hotel this year. Blocked off many rooms and didn't back out until the last minute. When we heard we were going back to Indy one of the perks was the hotels ability to accommodate everyone. Didn't happen with the number of people that overbook making others find hotels nearby.
Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
Is there a place that can hold 2500 people and park 1700 cars? That is my prediction. Ya heard it here first.

Now...every hotel in the area is probably going to be booked. Again, check out the post above. I read the thread daily about registration in that host hotel. "Three rooms available...can't go." "Two more rooms available...not going to be able to make it."

If hotels actually took a deposit on these rooms, people would be more apt to only book the ones they NEED. that's something we are going to need to talk to the hotels about...

we got a WHOLE lot of people coming to Texas this year and only so many hotels. We CAN make this work if people LET US.
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