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First off, there are almost two times as many supercharged cars as there are turbo cars, let alone AGP cars. It cracks me up when I see the comments about dyno queens and no track times. Not all people like to race, not all turbo cars race, and not everybody has an AGP kit. Seriously think about the amount of FI cars here on C5 and then tell me out of them all how many AGP kits there are. Better yet, how many Hellion kits are there, and why are there no quarter mile times for those people?

Just got back from the tractor pulls last weekend, 80 percent of the setups were all turbos. Yes its not quarter mile racing, but I think the point is yes they make big power.

Putting that power down, almost certainly requires a two step. Leaving the line in boost is a huge benefit. Unless you have a proper two step, your going to bog out and wait to spool. That was my issue, at the time I had my rear end sold, and didn't want to chunk it before I removed it and delivered it to the buyer. So I babied it and my times showed. Plus it was my first time EVER drag racing at a track.

First time to the track I ran a 11.19 at only 118. I was babying the rear end, so never launched higher than 3500. Also had only a small amount of timing retard on the two step.

That day I did 4 passes, a 11.1, 12.2, 12,3 and 11.3 the 12 second passes you could basically walk my 60 it was like over 2 seconds. I have some time slips on my build thread.

Hope this helps.
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