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Originally Posted by spike III View Post
Well George I finally was able too sit long enough to read every word on this great build. I don't know if you have more words in the build,or I have more mods than you do words. HAHAHA. But needless to say I think your doing a HELL of a job. Every thing you done they all go together very well. Keep up the great build. And the whole best part of car & mods is getting to work on them yourself. And your no differant than a lot of us who have never worked on a vehicle like this. I was scared as hell last winter after I had mine all tore apart. I looked at it in the garage and thought out loud, WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE NOW It's going too cost me thousands of dollars to get this thing back together But patience (which I don't have) and good DIY'S & people on these threads every thing turned out good. Sorry for the long post on your build thread.
No apologies Spike! As you know, I always appreciate you input! You've helped me on more than one occasion with various parts of this car and I'll always be grateful for that too!!!

I'm a bit of a storyteller at times LOL I definitely crammed a lot of words into my post, and made my stripe update a bit of a DIY journal in itself. I still think you have more mods than I have words though!!! Man what a car you've got put together over there! I can't wait to see it in the spring.
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