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Originally Posted by shazam View Post
Ahhh crap, I just thought I had this figured out. I ordered the new PDIM part mentioned above through my dealer (warranty) apparently they are backordered.

Hopefully it will be DB/DB (and hopefully DX/DX doesn't exist and isn't newer!)

As for the indexing on your nano, I think if you are using any ipod the ipod handles the indexing for you, so I would try another ipod or restore yours. The 'indexing' should only come up if you are using a USB where the deck actually handles the indexing. (If i'm wrong about this don't shoot me - But I never see an indexing message on my iphone and think I read this somewhere else on the forum)
This is true.
Unless there is an exception for certain apple devices that I am unaware of, I can confirm the "ipod" technology indexs for you.
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