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Rear view camera and LCD mirror install on my vert.

Not really sure where to post this, but it looks like there might be some differences between the coupe and vert for this, so I will post it here.
The ZL1 will have a back up camera and what sucks is that our cars already have the reverse wire going to the mirror and there is a spot blocked off by the license plate that looks like the location where the camera will be.

Ok, first off the parts you will need are:
1. rear view camera
2. rear view mirror with LCD screen (i used one out of an 2011 GM truck)
3. a harness to connect the mirror to your stock connector (you can also wire it up yourself, I was going to do this, but 2SSRS had a great price on a ready to go harness)

This whole process took about a couple hours since this is the first time I have taken apart the interior of a 5th gen. I has very impressed at how well the interior pieces came off and snapped back in.

First thing I did was take off the A pillar covers, these just unsnap at the top and then you just slide the bottom out of the dash. BE CAREFUL, with the drivers side one, it has what looks like a microphone attached on the inside of it. This pops right out of the clip.

Next you will be taking off the top trim on the very top of the windsdield (the part that the convertible top attaches to). This part has a bunch of clips that you just pull on straight up.

Next you will remove the stock mirror. Pull off the little plastic cover that houses the connector. The mirror's mount has a torx screw that locks it in place. Loosen this screw and just pull the mirror up and out. Also disconect the connector. You can go a head and mount the new mirror.

Next you will be pulling off the trim piece that has the sun visors, interior lamp and garage door/vert top buttons. This piece has 4 Torx 15 screws holding it in. these screws are covered by the sun visors and little removable tabs. You remove these tabs with a thin flat head screw driver from the outer most side (I almost broke mine trying to remove them from the inner most side, but luckily they are VERY flexible. I will post the pictures in order from drivers side to passenger). After removing the little covers unscrew the 4 trorx screws and then pull down on the trim piece where it meets the windshield (it will only come loose on the front) after you undo all of these clips you will pull the whole piece back toward the rear of the car. There are a couple connectors on either end I left plugged in so it will hold the trim piece. You can now plug in the new adapter harness and run all the wires along the top trim piece and down the a pillar.

Next up you will take off the side dash panel, kick panel and rocker trim panel on the driver's side. Also pull off the rear trim panel right above the rear sail panel, then the rear sail panel (be sure to unplug the rear speaker that is attached to the sail panel). You can also pull out the rear seat bottom by just pulling up on it and making sure it doesn't get caught on the seat belt receivers.

Now you have to pull off the rear license plate and pretty much all the panels out of the trunk (you have to do this part with the top up). These panels are pretty easy to pull out. BE CAREFULL with the sensor attached to the side molded carpet panel. Now you can look at my picture so you can see where to run the cable through. I used a coat hanger to snake my cable through this little opening.

Now all you have to do is mount whatever camera you have, drill a hole for the wire, run the wires and put all the trim pieces back on.
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