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Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
I was contacted yesterday by GM after a BBB claim and basically they stand behind their cars not their dealers. The GM rep says from what he sees a buyback is not in order. Car has been to dealer at least ten times for about 45 days and counting. They still have to replace the water managmnet system and the carpet and whatever else having a moldy car requires.
100% Bullshit.

The dealer is an agent of GM. One cannot separate themselves from the other. A dealer ****s up is GM ****ing up. Period, ask any attorney.

Let them fix it, stick it in the sun for a week and see if it still smells like ass.

BBB is the first step, lemon law next if still not resolved. What was the BBB ruling? Sounds like you have met a rep that wont help until ordered to. Some are helpfull and grasp the concept of customer satisfaction. Some are assholes that need a judge to tell them how the situation should be handled.
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