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I would love to be one of the first v6'ers to see 6-700 hp. As I'm only 19 I don't have any other expenses , and I'm making really good money I'm thinkin I'm gunna go for it . I talked to Tracy at RX, 7900 TT setup installed, v8 rear diff I believe 2800, and I'm gunna do heads, cams, pistons, and gunna try the upgraded fuel pump so another 2500 I believe he said . This all wont be done till next winter but I'm excited and think I'm gunna try it . I'm already driving my dream car and I'm gunna try to get everything I can out of it , whatever may happen after 400hp will be all R&D for me . I want to see our v6s into supra territory. I've seen v6 supras pushing over a 1,000 hp . How amazing would that be
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