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Originally Posted by Cyberstyx View Post
Managed to miss the exterior shots, prolly a post while I was posting too.

That black shiny color is a bit confusing to me. It somehow manages to make me miss the curves of the nice body, especially the back part.

Certainly don't like the size of the rims/tires. Gief huge rims and slim/wider tires.

The signal lights look rly... ordinary. I guess a Bumblebee signal light would be out ofthe question, would not be visible in daylight, but I hope for a better future design.

Oh, and they are missing the "Camaro" word on the side. Gief!

And what IS that thing sticking out of the car at the back? Looks like the driver stuffed in the trunk an old man he accidentaly run over with reverse, and a bit of his walking-helper is sticking out ^^
simmer down there buddy... these aren't final production pics... no bells and whistles on this one just yet... wait until September and then pass judgment on what you'll do to it... that pipe is most likely for testing something...
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