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Originally Posted by snymat68 View Post
My car was on display at the CAI booth all weekend (hood up) . When I came back to my car after the closing ceremonies I did a quick check before closing the hood (to make sure someone didn't leave something under there) and to my amazement the cap from my brake fluid reservoir was missing. It wasn't on the ground or in the engine bay or anywhere to be found. There was no brake fluid anywhere except where it was supposed to be (thank goodness). My guess is someone was hoping for me to drive away with the cap off and have brake fluid splash out and eat my paint off. Luckily I noticed the missing cap when I did and fashioned a temporary cap from a piece of plastic bag and some duct tape. Now I have to go to the dealer tomorrow for a new cap. It's sad that someone would do something like that.
Originally Posted by xTOXICxDEATHx View Post
That sucks somebody in the host hotel parking lot threw their door open and put a dent in my hot wheels Ed thank got its an easy fix but still the respect was not shown at all
I feel bad for both of you! Having ppl like that makes me paranoid. I have to argue with the wife every time I park far away from other cars. Ppl just don't understand or care!
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