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Originally Posted by camaro1 View Post
have you even invested in a scan tool yet,, pick one up at your local parts store,, at least one that has live data,, it will at least give you the basics of what is going on

look at your LTFT and STFT (long and short term fuel trims) and see what they are doing,, this will tell you alot!!

what did you use to extend your map sensor harness to the rear of the supercharger intake, did you use your original map sensor from your intake manifold or was there a map already installed on the supercharger, and is it also reading correct on the scan tool. and is the small vacuum port plugged on the back of the supercharger by the map sensor
yeah that is exactly what I have been saying...When the computer starts running its tests and the ltft and stft are bouncing thru their tests something is telling the ECM to adjust fuel and it throwing it way off and causing it to shut off or stall. Once you find the parameter that is off you can add or deduct fuel at those points and then when the test happens it does not overcompensate the wrong way. Its hard to explain without being able to show the screen where all this is shown and mine is done on a HP tuner anyway..but they all have pretty much the same logging screen showing this as its running.
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