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Originally Posted by GMRULZ View Post

I don`t know if you havve looked into this or not but this was a problem w/ my car after the Whipple install. I would assume it would be an issue with any blower and any early 2010 that has not had a updated O/S from GM. Runs great for a minute or so while in open loop hits closed loop and dies. Here is what I said and the fix. not sure if your problem but something worth checking:

One thing that is very important that we found out the hardway. Please read the following as it is very important, I would assume for almost any blower install but this was definetly the case with my Whipple. I had taken off work to do this build w/ my friends, the first thing we did per whipples instructions was try to dowload the superchips tune in the car. did not work. Instead of calling whipple then we chose to continue with the job, pretty much had to get cracking as 1 freind took the day off too to help. We got it all done and attempted to install the tune again, called superchips that sat morn and no one was there, spoke to Jeff at Whipple who sent us some HPtuners tunes as we had plans on doing the fine tuning w/ HPtuners since my car is not stock and the superchips tune was for stock. Once the car went into closed loop it would not stay running. We tried everything, nothing worked my tuner came over no dice. Called superchips mon morning they said my Operating system in my computer was not supported by them. I have an early 2010 VIN ends 12,546 and I have never had an update done by GM to my PCM/TCM. My tuner tried and tried to get it to stay running w/ tuning in HPtuners. However, there were tables missing from my PCM that were in other peoples Whipple tunes who sent them to us trying to help me. Thanks again everybody. Well the table that was missing is the Air/Fuel Ratio Analysis program. Its not in the old OS, but is in the new OS from GM. I can`t understand why GM shipped cars w/ out this table. I guess they did a patchwork to get them to run NA, but boy it sure won`t run w/ the blower. Runs fine is open loop, hits closed loop let of on the gas floods out and cuts off no matter what you do. So I took the car to my dealer freind, had to tow it, they flashed it. Starts up runs and drives fine. Disabled AFM and drove it home. Crazy. So the moral here is if you have an older VIN w/ no updates, go weeks in advance and get your car flashed by the dealer w/ the updates. I have been through this pain for you. Don`t make the same mistake....Lol..

I have indeed had the Flash from the dealer. At least they told me they were doing it and I had to wait for a while. I have my dealer do all of my services. So I am definitely up to date. Damn good info though.

Originally Posted by Huggerorange73 View Post
I think we have a winner right here....this makes the most sense and fits the bill of what's happening to a T.
Sure did. I got excited reading it but I've had all the dealer updates.

Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
It sure looks like when it begins doing its short and long trim and computer is trying to make its adjustments and running its tests that it is pulling out all the fuel....thus stalling. When you get it to your tuner I am sure he will see it trying to make these huge adjustments. Then the problem is to determine the reason why. Hopefully, it is just in the tune itself and he can adjust it so the tests dont attempt to pull as much out..Or maybe just the front 02 sensors turned off or something. You are so patient with all of this...I probably would have been across the county in Tx having Andy checking it out for me by now.
Logistics. This city just doesn't have any shops. Much less good shops. At least none that seem to want to be found.

Originally Posted by BackinBlackSS/RS View Post
Yes, but you are under very different circumstances now. Anyways, it just take a second to check. I read the PCM flash post, that really sounds like the problem right there. I hope you get it fixed soon. You know all this pain is gonna be SO worth it when you are done and when you get that win over GTAHVIT!!!
I checked it. I have the single number blade. I was hoping.

Originally Posted by Russell James View Post

Should be able to plug the VIN in there to determine the O/S and updates available.
Had the flash.

Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
If you were an early vin and have taken your car in for the air conditioning "freeze up" flash then it has been updated already for you. If you bought it after the service bulliten for the air conditioning and I think the heater hose fix then it was done before delivery. It would be very rare to have not already had this done..If I remember this only had an effect on 30000 and under vins but cant be certain on that...sunday morning brain freeze and too lazy to look it up.

Good point to raise though. Once you have a tune installed place tape over your obdII with a warning to the dealer not to flash unless they talk to you.

They will load a flash over the top of your tune and set back to stock and then you wont be going anywhere. In my case I am converted to E85 and the car would not even start on a stock tune and would be dangerously lean.

Originally Posted by Russell James View Post
Seems though - if the actuator was opened, stock injectors, and OE tune it should idle normally if nothing else was wrong.
Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Thanks, I don't need my vin looked up, but I just wanted you to know that site doesn't work for us mere mortals.

I am pretty sure PQ has an early VIN.

Originally Posted by Silver2SSRS6spd View Post
PQ took deliver early so his car is most likely under 30k, the question remains on if his car has ever been flashed or not.

Originally Posted by camaro1 View Post
have you even invested in a scan tool yet,, pick one up at your local parts store,, at least one that has live data,, it will at least give you the basics of what is going on

look at your LTFT and STFT (long and short term fuel trims) and see what they are doing,, this will tell you alot!!

what did you use to extend your map sensor harness to the rear of the supercharger intake, did you use your original map sensor from your intake manifold or was there a map already installed on the supercharger, and is it also reading correct on the scan tool. and is the small vacuum port plugged on the back of the supercharger by the map sensor
All I have is the SCT.

Got codes

P0171 = p1070 fuel trim malfunction, lean condition.

P0300 = P0300 Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

P0650 = DTC P0650 set indicates an improper voltage level on the output circuit that controls the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)

Originally Posted by Silver2SSRS6spd View Post

The one that came with the SC should also be able to give him that info and catalog it at the same time.
I cna do a data log. But I'd have to send the file to someone who can read it.

Originally Posted by camaro1 View Post
right,,, so whats the problem,, give us some codes and data!!

no one can fix a fuel injected vehicle with the only thing we know is" there is some smoke, some popping and it dies" ,,lol give us some numbers , some data logs,, whats the map reading at idle, whats the maf reading,, what is the LTFT , ,,,
Above. I just got them. Car still shows no codes thrown. I didnt' look for any becaue there seemed to be none thrown plus I have to get it to a tuner anyway.

Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
What the name of the scanner you have.

Originally Posted by Russell James View Post
Does the O/S problem block any handheld reprogramming? I'm just thinking if PQ already had LT's, CAI, and no cats, probably already retuned at least once before. Would the O/S problem have showed up then?
I had it tuned before but just a mail tune mainly to get the 02s turned off.
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