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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
I was planning on a 1LT/RS plus the C&C option, premium audio, and Red Jewel but with TTL, it pushed the price to nearly $30k. That's a couple k's more than I was planning/hoping for. I'm still trying to figure out how adding foglights and alloy wheels to the base LS pushes the price up $1600 for the 1LT?

Heck, even the great deal base LS is pushing $25k with TTL included.

I'm actually rethinking my timeline for purchase. I had hoped to place my order in the spring but I think I'll be waiting until late 2009 and see if dealers are "dealing" on prices by then. Worst case, I'll just go in on my 35th birthday (Dec. 22nd) next year and see what kind of mid-life crisis discount I can get finangle out of a dealership that has the options and color I'm looking for.

Besides, if I wait that long, all the early people will be able to find the initial 1st model year bugs and my car will be solid. I hope.
The 1LT also gets a different interior,The cloth on the seats change, thats what its such a jump
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