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Originally Posted by TheFlyingBananaSS View Post
Bingo! Auto Zone loans the pullers out. My big issue now is finding 4 jack stands because I'm doing the G2 kit on my calipers at the same time.
2 prong puller only 30 bucks. I never rent any tools . I always buy them so I have them for other stuff. I been like that since I was 16 with my first car. Iím 43 now so the tool collection certainly has grown. Lol. Iíve out grown 4 bay garage now. Maybe it is best to just rent the tools come to think of it hahaha. Funny how we always come across tools that we still need or changes on autos that force us to buy more tools to work on autos today. One thing that helped me was using the tools I bought to work on other peopleís cars so helped pay myself back in a sense the tools over time always paid for themselves.
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