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Originally Posted by doc7000 View Post
The ATS 2.5 (standard) is 3,315 pounds
The ATS 2.0 (turbo standard) is 3,373 pounds
the ATS 3.6 (Luxury) is 3,461 pounds

Of course depending on options and trim levels these cars can pick up weight, most of the 2.0T as tested weight I have seen has been 3,430-3,450 pounds.
insideline has a auto 2.0t auto at 3515 which isn't bad ?? I don't know who to believe keep getting different numbers
Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
I'd figure 3,650+ for a 6Gen V8 Camaro.
I would say you are spot on sir!!!
Originally Posted by doc7000 View Post
If the Camaro was to use the same wheel base as the ATS sedan then consider this, the V-6 Camaro is 3,750 pounds and the V-6 ATS is 3,461 pounds. That is roughly a 300 pound weight savings, if that carries through next Camaro that would put 3,850 pounds to 3,550 pounds.

car and driver has the weight of the 3.6 at 3535 so I could see a 3500 ibs v6 but at 200lbs will there be enough of a performance difference how much faster is the ats 3.6 vs the Camaro and why no ats at VIR it would have been perfect to see what it can do and how to properly see the alpha in action!
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