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I've built close to 100 motors for myself and friends - they are all about the same except each has different needs for hand porting of cylinder heads (CNC machines will never equal old fashioned labor and flowbench testing). I NEVER tore into ring and pinion installation or automatic transmissions rebuilding. Automatic tranny's have too many subtle mods that only experience can handle. Ring and pinion gears cost too much to replace if they whine. On a 750+ HP drag race car, it's no big deal as the gears lasted one season due to being made of soft metal to prevent shattering. I'd rather have a place such as Ft Worth Gear and Axle handle it. If it whines...THEY buy the new gears and install them, while I have a few cold ones.

I applaud you for replacing your own gears.

Us old school guys had to change the transmission speedo drive to get a proper speedometer reading. What needs to be done to a 2014 SS (manual transmission) to keep a properly reading speedometer when changing to a 3.91 gear?

I had 5.14 gears in my 1962 Chevy II I built 24 years ago. They didn't make speedo drives for that low of a gear.
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