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Originally Posted by mxkx250 View Post
If a dealer dosen't have a lot of sales through the year, he won't get many Camaros, but he has 500 people wanting the car. Dealer 2 sales 6000 cars a year and gets a big allotment of Camaros, but that is not the type of car he has big sales on. Just sell the car to anyone who orders, first come, first served.
I'm pretty sure GM allocates based on those points you mentioned above; who can sell more of the cars as opposed to another. They learned from the GTO sales how to do it I'm confident they'll get it right this time as far as who could sell the most.

I think I remember reading (not sure) CamaroScotty saying that after the first couple rounds of allotments, it'll turn into a free-for-all.
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