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Arrow White Mary Jane...Build Thread [COTW 6/11/12]

White Mary Jane (SW 1LT w/ RS package)…..Build Thread

Attention: All rights reserved. Any and all photos/videos found within this thread may not be copied, edited, reproduced, linked, or displayed in any form or by any means; electronic, mechanical, optical, or otherwise, without prior written permission from myself. If you wish to use any of the photos/videos found within this thread please contact me.

I started this thread exactly a year after I purchased my SW `11 1LT A6 w/ RS package in February 2011.

I wasn’t like a lot of the diehard Camaro fans. I simply bought the car because of the way it looked. I thought it looked awesome. I’d never had a history with the Camaro. I'm a Camaro junky now, though!! I’d never been into how fast or slow cars were or how they performed….other than gas mileage since I drive 130 miles round trip for work every day. But since I’ve had my Camaro I’ve learned that I would LIKE to drive a fast, great performing car (one of these days I will have one)….because it is fun. LOL. Who doesn’t think it is fun, right? But for now I will enjoy this car!

I traded in my `10 Prius III for the Camaro.

I’ve learned so much (and not even a quarter of what most people already know on this forum) about cars and what can be done with modifications (both cosmetic and performance alike) just by browsing, reading, and researching the bowels of Camaro5. I’ve learned what a cold air intake is, haha. That is a lot compared to what I used to know!

So, over the past year I’ve been like most of the other people on this forum and I’ve been trying to make my Camaro one of a kind…..

Maybe by looking at this thread some forum members can get some ideas on mods.

....and as for the name "White Mary Jane", my wife's name is Mary Jane and I really like it! I'm not big on naming my car solely after a girl's name (or naming it all, really, but it is kind of fun) so I added the "White"(also since it's my favorite color of Camaro and I'm fond of that part of my car) in front to make it sound more like a "thing", and not an actual girl.



-Razzi ground effects (SW body colored)
-JDP Colorshift Halos
-6000k HID replacement bulbs
-Flashtech V2 Colorshift DRL halos
-Dual front splitter multi-mode, colorshift LED lighting
-Multi-mode grille (upper and lower) colorshift LED lighting
-Gloss black Phantom grille
-Gloss black lower billet grille
-IVS Havoc wheels (stock Pirelli Pzeros)-Black Chrome
-“Camaro” caliper covers (SW)
-GM Blade Dovetail spoiler (SW)
-Blade Dovetail spoiler "CAMARO" decal

-RS hood spears
-Black rear RS emblem (delete)
-Front RS emblem delete
-White/black painted rear bowtie
-Front bowtie delete
-Matte black trunk mid-section
-“Gill/Vent” decals
-Black fender “Camaro” script
-Tail light and side marker tint
-Reverse marker tint
-5% window tint (except front windshield)

-Multi-mode, colorshift front AND rear footwell lighting
-“Camaro” visor decals
-Black/White "Camaro RS" interior dash plaque
-"CamaroRS" door sills
-Lloyd’s “Camaro RS” floor mats
-Custom painted gloss white:
-dash panels
-steering wheel bezel
-speed/tach bezel
-shifter/center console bezel
-center console panels

Engine Bay:
-Custom painted white engine cover
-Custom painted white fuse box cover
-Body color CAI box.


-BBK long tube headers w/ HFC's
-Flowmaster American Thunder axle-back
-CAI cold air intake
-CNC Vmax ported throttle body
-Stock resonator delete
-Magnaflow res x-pipe
-Trifecta tuned

Here are some pics of when I first bought the car compared to what it looks like now...

Attached Images
-White Mary thread [COTW 6/11/12] :

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