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In my opinion it is not a reasonable nor feasible way to go. A LS9 retails for $29990 alone, then you would have to get an upgrade fuel pump and other stuff like a stronger clutch, stronger axles(remember even the C6 Z06 break axles).
In top of that add the labor and the tuning and other minor stuff like air filter etc, remember, everything counts, you would still have to get some air filetr that fits the huge LS9 throtle body.

Then what? well, you would need bigger tires. I don't think is worth at all. I rather take a reliable simple bolt-on LS3 and call it a day. If you want a LS9 decafeinated buy the Cadillac CTS-V. At the end you would spend what a new Z cost new and still have similar results straight line only.

The LS3 proven to be an awesome engine, it makes great power with simple bolt-ons(cam, headers, cai, tune). Even going with the S/C would be a better option. It gets to a point where too much power in a chasi that is not makde to handle that much power can result is a bad combo. For instance too much wheel spin.

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