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Originally Posted by FeArLeSsInSoCaL View Post
wats up Frank! been working alot of OT to do some mods... some of us arent lucky enough to have companies sponsor us and add stuff to our car for free. nothing like doing things the good 'ol fashion way: hard work and sweat.
anyways, im down for Rubys in sept, just give me a heads up. the show runs until the end of oct. hey at least i look forward to eating some fresh, warm, delicious burgers with a shake feeling the ocean breeze over some cold hot dogs or pizza out in the OC or the valley...lmao!!! neways, look forward to seeing you guys soon....
WOW! sounds like you got some built up aggresion there buddy. LOL! well im definitely in for sept. so ill continue to watch this thread and see if we can decide on a set date.
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