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Originally Posted by GoldFire View Post
I keep reading that I should get my oil changed after 500 miles, so I would like to go do that today or tomorrow since I'm already up to 600 almost. I don't really trust anyone with my car, where should I go to get the oil changed? The dealership rips you off, so I assume I should go to some place like Jiffy Lube or Firestone? Also, do I just go and get a regular oil change, or do I ask them for something special since its part of the break-in?
Some people are obsessed . I took my car for an oil change after 1500 miles and that there was kinda soon. The guy at the GM dealer even said, I won't have to get another one for another 5,000 miles.

I'd go to a dealer because they are GM certified, but then I think anyone would be able to do it. Oil change is not exactly brain surgery.
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