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Originally Posted by skibik View Post
Can you tell me what the performance gains in HP over stock cats would be? Please no guessing. I am looking for a performance upgrade and was looking into HFC's for my 2012 LFX and have not had success in my search and I am having a hard time justifying the price tag even now with the 15% discount without seeing some results before purchase. Any information would greatly be appreciated.

The cats will yield 15whp. The OEM cats are very restrictive, so they make a huge difference. These cats are the same that we use on the earlier V6, just with different bends.

Originally Posted by intensifi View Post

Thanks for posting the videos. When do you think you can make an LFX video?

I'd really like to hear the LFX and not the LLT again since the engine exhaust is different.
The LFX cats and LLT cats sound the same. It is the same design and cat bodies, simply with different bends to accommodate the slightly different undercarriage of the LFX. Hopefully one of our testers can chime in and attest to that as well.
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