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Originally Posted by ToneyTone View Post
Some folks would say that pontiac should get the small RWD coupe but since GM seems to be in love with creating a car for multiple makes. I say make the cobalt sedan FWD but make the cobalt coupe RWD along side the pontiac version.
I don't know about that... it might cost more money to do it this way... I say keep the car on the same platform no matter how many doors it has... maybe they should make the Pontiac brand the rear drive brand while keeping Chevy the FWD brand... if i could get a G5 type car with RWD and better styling for 15-17k in a coupe I'd be all over it... The only question then is what to do with Buick? is it really an issue of keeping Buick any more? We already have the luxury division... What purpose does Buick have now a days? there is the Chevy brand; good quality at a good price. The Pontiac performance division. The Cadillac Luxury division... Does GM really need to keep Buick around if the platforms are going to be consolidated like this?
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