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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
I won't confirm or deny --

But I will say this: We sold 311,000 FWD Impalas in the 2007 Calendar year -- ......that's a lot of license plates!

You and I love RWD -- but sales numbers would tell us that America tends to like FWD...........
and that's the problem: you and I buy G8 GXPs while America buys FWD Impalas, Camrys and Accords... America is still brainwashed by the Ralph Nader followers of the '60s and '70s... too blissful in their ignorance to realize that they're nothing but lemmings on a cliff's edge.

fortunately, GM will be making Camaros, G8 GTs, G8 GXPs, Corvettes and CTSs for those of us who have awoken from the Matrix
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