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CA Statewide Meet

Ok boys and girls what did we decide on for our Statewide meet?


Some Suggestions
1. We have it in conjunction with a known Car event. A GM sponsored event would be nice.
2. We chose area organizers (North, South, Central, etc) to help facilitate the movement of smaller groups. This will help everyone get to the bigger meet.
3. We establish a communications network (walkie talkies, contact phone numbers, etc) to help with the movement coordination of our group.
4. We establish contact points/areas to help with the movement of the smaller and large groups.
5. We establish lead and tail drivers to help control our movements
6. We establish videographer(s) to help video document our meet.
7. We establish a list of people who will be attending and what vehicles they will bring.
8. We establish a meet itinerary, to include a map of the cruise routes. This should be issued, at least a couple of days before the meet, to all drivers.
9. The meet areas should provide parking spaces large enough to accommodate all of our vehicles, provide rest room facilities, and the cruise route should encompass an eating facility large enough for all of us.

I have more suggestions but I don’t want to appear anymore anal than I have too

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