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In my opinion, they should release the Chevelle and here is why:

If they were to use the Camaro's platform to revive the Chevelle they could continue to produce the Chevelle long after the 6th Gen Camaro debuts. This would ensure that the R&D cash used on the 5th Gen could definitely turn a solid profit even though the current Camaro specific chassis is only 5 years old. Alot of the 5th gens cues and styling could carry over to the Chevelle including the 4.5 link IRS suspension and LS3/L99 and trannys. They wouldn't have to just scrap the whole design, they could offer it in a revised CTS-V like design. It would be big, alot of luxury, maybe add some more roof on it to fix the visiblity, take the wheelbase and length up about 6 inches and make it look like a Chevelle.

The could squeeze the lemon for every drop so a hasty redesigned Camaro won't show any loss because it will basically still be a 5th gen Camaro underneath. Instead of just getting the 5 year run from the Camaro, GM could actually stretch the chassis's life out a couple of years and make profit. Abandoning the platform needs to happen on the Camaro but that dosen't mean it has to be completely thrown out all together...

I vote Chevelle SS.
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