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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
I do.
Don't ya love it when Thor lowers the boom....! LOL

Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
You know you love our questions and speculation.

I mean, let's think about it, do the Toyota fans have threads like this on their forums?
You mean Toyota has fans.....AND a forum?????? LOL

Originally Posted by Blown355 View Post
IMHO The fact he stated "Camaro" based instead of "Zeta" based, tells me it'll be some flavor of Camaro. My guess is it'll be the Z28, slated to be built early next year.
.....theres that Z28 phrase again...

Originally Posted by thePill View Post
In my opinion, they should release the Chevelle and here is why:

If they were to use the Camaro's platform to revive the Chevelle they could continue to produce the Chevelle long after the 6th Gen Camaro debuts. This would ensure that the R&D cash used on the 5th Gen could definitely turn a solid profit even though the current Camaro specific chassis is only 5 years old. Alot of the 5th gens cues and styling could carry over to the Chevelle including the 4.5 link IRS suspension and LS3/L99 and trannys. They wouldn't have to just scrap the whole design, they could offer it in a revised CTS-V like design. It would be big, alot of luxury, maybe add some more roof on it to fix the visiblity, take the wheelbase and length up about 6 inches and make it look like a Chevelle.

The could squeeze the lemon for every drop so a hasty redesigned Camaro won't show any loss because it will basically still be a 5th gen Camaro underneath. Instead of just getting the 5 year run from the Camaro, GM could actually stretch the chassis's life out a couple of years and make profit. Abandoning the platform needs to happen on the Camaro but that dosen't mean it has to be completely thrown out all together...

I vote Chevelle SS. were running pretty good up until now bro, you just went off the track into the woods.....crash...burn...
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