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Originally Posted by Georgianne View Post
I told the dealer in this area (Fitzgerald auto mall) that I was disapointed in the engine for the V-6 that will be coming out and he told me to wait that I could get my wish after the first flood of people who want the camaro take what is available first. He seemed to think that if I waited I will get what I wanted. Darn, I really wanted that CTS LS3 with the injection to be the first out. Now I have to be patient? I don't know if I can hold myself any longer.
Tag you promised.......
Exactly what did I promise?

Your dealer is saying V6's will be out first. Didn't someone from GM just say a lot of higher end Camaro's would be built first? We really don't konw until official announcement.

CTS LS3? By that, do you mean the Cadillac CTS? Because I don't recall the LS3 going into that car. I recall it being the DI 304hp V6....which...this engine makes you dissapointed for the V6 Camaro?

I'm trying to understand.

The V6 engine in the Camaro won't be anything to scoff at. After all, the Caddies V6 is DI, can get'cha 304hp, will get great gas mileage, and is an engine that is being used on one of GM's top of the line vehicles.....the Cadillac. I mean, there's (IMO) absolutely NOTHING wrong with that engine. How could you be dissapointed in that???

Let's wait to see what's offered for the V8. I never promised that it would be the LS3. I believe in my heart that the LS3 will be an option for the Camaro...whether baseline or higher end. That's just MY .02 cents....

Don't worry....either way, you WILL get what you want...patience...patience....
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