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I'm gm tec....These things happen sometime from the factory. not your paticular problem, but different. human error, epuipment malfunction. all the manufacturers have these kinds of problems. All of them are always trying to work on keeping these errors/warrenty numbers down of course. Warrenty issues are always going to be there. there will never be 200.000 cars sold with not one issue. sorry to here about your problems and glad to here it got taken care of. actually that would be the first place to look if had a click noise at the starter. because that means at least your getting some kind of voltage at the starter. it's just a matter of is it enough voltage and if so the starter needs a good ground to be able to operate. if you had no click then you have to start looking at starer relay voltages, ignition, anit theft sys. this should of been an easy find for a tec.
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