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Hey! No offense taken!

The bowtie stickers were designed a long, long time ago. Think they are pretty cool.

The distressed stickers are in the Camaro5 Font.

The circle 5 sticker is the basic Camaro5 logo.

Moving on to the shirts.

The majority of the shirts in the store are made by Ralph White Inc. We had no part in designing or making them. Ralph White prints all of our Camaro5 shirts for us and since he has a lot of Camaro related shirts, we decided it would be a big win if we could offer them for sale to you guys as well. One plus is that we can offer discounts on shipping and/or prices to help our members more.

The rest of the Camaro5 shirts are the standard shirts except for the fire shirt. That was something we decided to make based off the circle 5 logo.

Sure, we'd LOVE to offer more styles of shirts, but $$$ holds us back. We would have to design the shirt, pay for artwork, pay for screens, buy a minimum number of shirts, get them approved by GM (if the design required licensing), and a lot more stuff.

We try to offer some cool items and hope you like what we have.

We'll continue to try to offer other items as well.

Thanks for the heads up!
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