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Turn Signal Question

I was wondering if the turn signal will have the feature that some GM cars have where if you just tap it up/down it will blink 3 times then automatically shut off. (Sorry I know that is a terrible explanation of what this is so here's an example - You want to change lanes on the freeway and there is no one close to you and you know that the lane you want to merge into is clear, so you just tap the turn signal thing lightly and it blinks 3x in whatever direction you tapped it.) My parent's DTS has this and its a nice thing to have IMO, but certainly not necessary at all, as it just saves you going back to the signal changer thing to turn it off. So, considering the relative insignificance of this feature "who cares" is a perfect acceptable response! Sorry for the randomness, I just keep thinking of little things I would like on my car!
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