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Originally Posted by Msmall143 View Post
If you are wanting long tube headers without a tune you have a couple options
1 - go with any long tube header and cats and expect and deal with a check engine light
2 - go with a long tune header that fits one of the newer green cats. This will cost a few hundred more but won't cause cel's

Realize with both you will not be getting the most out of the mods and you WILL NOT be running ideally. You are basically choosing to risk damaging your engine by not tuning and in turn not running optimally to maintain a warranty. To me it doesnt make sense to "run poorly in order to maintain warranty". You also have to realize that the headers are going to void a portion of the warranty and should an issue arise you still may be faced with an uphill battle to have something covered under warranty.

Even with a tune many dealerships cover repairs that do not need to be approved by gm. The majority of repairs don't require imaging of the ecu and dealers typically just overlook the tune.

Personally i would never ask a service manager. He doesn't make policy and he may not be there when something goes wrong. If you do, ask him to put his answer in writing and see how fast he back tracks. Asking the service manager is just asking for a he said she said scenario down the road. And when the time comes he's going to be more interested in keeping his job than his word

To me you're either in or out. Keep it stock, or mod and tune. There isn't a middle ground.

your asking the right questions! I was recently looking at the green cats to avoid a tune, but after extensive research I felt the smart choice was tune.

To answer your question. Yes lt's are a great first mod.

My first mods were cai, pfadt headers, and a canned tune and I gained 43 rwhp. I know this for a fact as I did ore and post install dynos. Probably 50-60 to the flywheel
Thank you very much. I am actually very good friends with the service manager at my dealer as we were advisors together at my Honda store for awhile. I'll see what he would be willing to overlook in the future and go from there.

Again, thank you SO much for the awesome reply!
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