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Question Newbie Questions about Cam, Pulleys, Other Mods

Howdy, I am looking at the car that texas speed has for sale and I am pretty much an newbie when it comes to engine modifications. I have done mods to my cars like exhuast, CAI, wheels, etc, but never anything else.

Here are the items that were added by texas speed to their 2010 SS camaro. Can someone please tell me what each one does?

Also, I assume it voids the warranty, so should Ibe concerned about that at all?

Mods on car:

TSP Headers/Xpipe Magnaflow Mufflers
TSP Underdrive Pulley Kit
TSP 231/236 Camshaft Kit
PRC CNC Ported LS3 Heads
TSP Air Induction System
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