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Originally Posted by heymatt View Post
This is why I'm questioning it. Part numbers listed are the same. If stud size is different, wouldn't that mean a different part number?
What am I missing?

Part numbers are from the first post.

Front Sway End Link (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (passenger side) - 22842515
Front Sway End Link (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (drivers side) - 22842516
So what I think I figured out is that those 2 part numbers are for front endlinks for all 2013 camaros. I did a part number price request from 3 dealerships and all came back saying the FELs were for LS, LT, SS, 1LE, ZL1.

Caveat- Now what I'm not sure about is whether those dealer price quotes actually mean that those 2 FEL part#s will work on all models listed, but not necessarily what comes standard on say a 2013 2LT

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