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Originally Posted by flamethrower View Post
I just received this quote,thoughts anyone?
Header and Catted Connection Pipes
Kooks Racing Headers & Catted Connection Pipes​Parts & Labor $ 1533.77
High Performance Camshaft Install:
Labor includes removal of Active Fuel Management or DOD components, replacement of all 16 lifters, camshaft, and timing components. Cylinder heads have to be removed to complete this project and will include the upgrade of head bolts to ARP Head studs and will also include the use of LS9 Head Gaskets for future Boost potential. Crank pulley is removed to install camshaft during the reinstall the crank would be “pinned” and a ATI pulley would be installed for future supercharger upgrade.
• Custom Grind Camshaft ​219/233 .607/.619 ​ 117+4 LSA

• Melling High Volume Oil Pump
• Cnc Ported heads & Valve job
• BTR Dual Spring Valve Spring Set
• Smith Brothers Heavy Sidewall Push Rods
• JP Performance Timing Chain Kit
• GM Gasket kit
• LS9 Head Gaskets
• Oil & Oil Filter
• Spark Plugs
• ARP Crank Bolt & Cam Bolts
• Coolant & 160deg. Thermostat

• DOD Delete Kit​
• ARP Head Studs
• ATI Balancer
• 16 - LS7 Lifter

Parts & Labor $ 4969.89
CNC Head Porting & Valve Job ​Remove - $700.00
Price on the headers is too high, check maryland speed. Cam price is pretty crazy too
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