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Talking DIY Paint Your Own Bowties, Front and Rear (2 Tone, black and red)

Sorry I couldnt really upload the pictures in the right order, or put the text with the pics, but hopefully this helps some people who may want to attempt this themselves.

I chose to do the rear bowtie on the car, you can take it off using adhesive remover, a blowdryer, and fishing line or dental floss.

1. Remove front bowtie
2. Scuff or sand lightly
3. Prime the entire bowtie
4. Mask off the inside applying painters tape over the entire bowtie, and run a fingernail along the edge to get an outline of where the razor blade needs to go, then cut along the edge with a razor or xacto knife. Then peel off the excess
5. Paint the outer part of the bowtie
6. Following directions on cans for drying times and coats, let the outer coat dry.
7. Mask off the outside using the same instructions as number 4, except removing the inner tape.
8. Paint the inside with a few light coats.
9. Following the directions on the can, spray a few coats of clear to protect the base coat and make it more durable.
10. Allow to dry for a while before trying to push it back on or you may leave finger print impressions, in the clear.

Some masking tips for doing it on the car
- I used trashbags to cover the area
- Cover any horizontal surface, since this is where overspray will settle for the most part
- When doing the immediate area of the bowtie, I used a flathead eyeglass screwdriver to help push the blue painters tape behind the bowtie.

Removing the front bowtie is tough, reach behind and pull the big horizontal tabs down a little, and pull one side at a time, working it back and forth, you will have to pull harder than you think.

Helpful tip I can give you is to go slow and follow the directions, the more careful you are, the less chances you have of runs, or messing up the finish with the razor blade. Excuse the dirty car and bugs, Im cleaning it tomorrow
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