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Originally Posted by kellynns View Post
Hello all, I am new to the site. I have a 2012 Camaro V6. I bought it new and have had major issues with it. I have had a recall and then the emissions system needed replaced. Now I am having an issue with the paddle shifter. I will leave my garage and put the car in D--but when I accelerate hard or hit the gas going up a hill the car shifts by itself to M. I do not have my hands near the top of the steering wheel to it the paddle shifters. I am scared something is wrong and of course it just went out of warrranty. Is anyone else having issues? Suggestions? Thank you for your time!
I realize how displeasing it can be when faced with a paddle shifter concern like this kellynns, and though you're seeking thoughts and opinions, I would be happy to communicate this situation with the designated Customer Experience Manager at your preferred dealer if you feel an official diagnosis is necessary. Feel free to message us privately if you'd like to proceed, or discuss this situation further.

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