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Originally Posted by 1LeSS View Post
Do you head up there as a group and enter the showN Shine or just go to walk around and take in the sights? I'm in northern BC and when I saw this, thought maybe I should put it on my list of places to go this year.
Tried googling the event but only got this post and last years newspaper account of it taking place.
Last year we traveled up with just our car and the silver Camaro you see in the pictures. It starts with entering our car in the show-n-shine on Saturday morning. We hang around, chat and look at cars until the show wraps up in the early afternoon. (It's just an exhibition, not a judged show, so you can leave anytime you want.) After that we did some sightseeing. On Saturday night they close down a section of the main street in Lillooet, set up a beer garden, and have bands playing.
This year we are trying to get a few more cars together and form a Camarovan coming up from the US. Perhaps picking up some lower mainland BC Camaros along the way. Coming down from the North, I doubt that you'd want to drive all the way to Abbotsford to join us, (although you are welcome to if you were so inclined) but you could always meet up with us in Lillooet, or someplace along the line.
It's a Camaro thing...
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