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Originally Posted by ChrisIncog View Post
ZL1 Conversion to Hot Wheels ZL1: is it worth doing?

I'v had my ZL1 for while now and i'm looking to do something a bit different with it. I'd rather not sell it because its probably less hassle just getting it upgraded. I'v done some bolt on's but nothing to the styling, this brings me to wanting get a good clean theme.

I want to make it look like the blue Hot Wheels version:
I think it look pretty cool, Is it worth doing?
Has Anyone Converted theres yet?
What Needs to be done?

I found a cool write up and image on / Camaro. Its funny, the guy that wrote it is clearly hating on the Mustang in this review.

Any thoughts / help / where to start?

Here's my opinion. If you are going to do the Hot Wheels version do the SEMA edition "Spectraflame". I wouldn't just slap on emblems for the heck of it.

While it will cost a pretty penny, it would be a first among the forum. The only parts you'll have difficulty getting is the hood and the rear diffuser. Everything else is doable. Just my opinion. But then again the ZL1 is beautiful the way it is.
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