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Sorry blown motors cost a butt load of money when they're built for stupid high horsspower, but they do, and always will. Here you guys go anyways, a fully detailed build sheet. This motor is designed to hold 1500hp and not complain about it.

Block: LSX Short deck
CI: 416
CR: 9.0:1
Crankshaft: Callies
Rods: Callies I Beams, ARP hardware
Pistons: Wiseco units, were gas ported to keep rings gapped.
Rings: Wiseco Rings
Heads: LSX-LS3 6 bolt heads, fully ported
Valves/Springs: PRC Dual springs
Cam: Custom TSP Blower cam, I don't give the specs on it though.
Timing Chain: Cloyes Hex-a-just
Oil pump: Melling High volume
Aftermarket Dampner: ATI 10 Rib
Anything else: Lunati Valvetrain

Blower: Maggie now, F1X with spray or Twins next.
Maggie has 10 rib drive, OD cogs and a 2.95 pulley making 16psi.
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