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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
There is nothing funny about it, it's a movie based on a true story, the story of Aron Ralston, a mountaineer, canyoneer, that became trapped when an 800 lb rock came loose and followed him into a narrow canyon trapping his arm... He was stuck there for five days until he finally amputated his own arm to survive... He is a true survivor, and still climbs and guides people today... He made a couple of mistakes and learned from them... Amazing story of survival... one of the mentally toughest people that have ever walked the face of the Earth as far as I'm concerned...

Please be careful, we dont want any more PQ stories involving x-rays and working on your car... or trips to the hospital for any work other than hitting on nurses and cute female doctors...
I remember now. I saw a show on his ordeal. he barely made it to the car and by Gods will there was someone there to see him at the bottom of the hill. he admited there was no way he's make it up the hill and for the first time thought he was going to die. The nerve was the last thing he cut. He had to break both his bones too.

Ok, now I get it.

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