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Originally Posted by UCF w00t View Post
Yea, there's a few bitching about not having their cars but most of us are bitching about a lack of information. A little information goes a long way.

For example, ABL. How much bitching was there while we didn't know what the deal was? It ended up being a negative answer but the bitching stopped almost instantly. People got over it. Even if it's not what we want to hear, just tell us the truth, the WHOLE truth not some BS political answer that can be interpreted 1,001 different ways.
top 10 reason why real men drive stick.

10. A manual transmission is the ultimate in control
9. You can use automotive jargon and not sound like a total tool
8. You can't spell "manual" without "man"
7. Manual transmissions prove you can do more than one thing at a time
6. You can't drift in an auto
5. You can't pull fancy moves in an automatic
4. You get better fuel economy with a stick
3. You’ll never look like a chump if you can drive stick
2. Manual transmission cars are faster
1. Women like a guy who is good with his hands.

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