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Originally Posted by csorrentini View Post
So I'll add mine here too!:

G= Goals: A daily driver that's not swaying left and right like crazy on the highway/road. I have about 412whp 409 wtq atm and getting cams installed in a month or two so it will have some power too.

M=Model: 2010 2SS/RS.

22x9 Front Wheels with +30 offset
22x10.5 Rear Wheels with +35 offset
265/35R22XL vredestein Ultrac Sessan Front Tires
315/30R22XL vredestein Ultrac Sessan Rear Tires
Vararam "tuned" air intake
XS Power Long Tubes
3" exhaust x-pipe and mufflers
Magnecore KV8.5 Wires
Self tuned with HP Tuners

B=Budget: debateable, I'd say 3k max but would rather much less considering just a daily not a dragster and such

Thanks much!
With a budget of $3k you can do a lot! Start with subframe (cradle) full bushings, trailing arms with outer bushings, toe links, coilovers lowered no more than 1 1/4", sway bars, and a good aggressive street alignment. If you do all the work yourself you should be in budget. Shop around for deals on parts and get some estimates on labor. With a future cam you should be at around 480 rwhp so all these mods will handle that power no problem, you'll have a more aggressive stance, and better overall handling! The coilovers will not sacrifice nuch in ride quality over drop springs.

Originally Posted by Colt View Post
I'm looking for some input as well,

So I'll add mine here too!:

Goals: Since this is my daily driver, I can't drop it too much. The main focus is autocross, 1-2 times a month. I'm not really concerned about autocross classes though, just there to enjoy the time.

Model: 2010 1LT/RS

ACS T2 Splitter (Slightly lower, and sticks out further than the Stock SS Bumper)
Apex Washer Bottle Relocator
Apex Air Scoop
Black Ice-Olator
CAI Cold Air Intake
VMAX Ported Throttle Body
BMR Rear End Links
BMR Rear Sway Bar

Budget: I have around $500 to spend on my suspension before autocross starts up this year. I'd also like some ideas on what I should be upgrading after that $500.

My Thoughts: I'm deciding between getting a front sway bar with end links, or some BMR drop springs. Any input on these two options, or other recommendations are appreciated, thanks!
If you do the work yourself you should be able to do both springs and front sway. If not you can save some money and just use the stock front endlinks. For autocross you definitely need a lower center of gravity and sway bars to reduce front end lean and understeer. Set the rear bar full hard and play with the front to get the desired balance. Full hard on front = more understeer, full soft on front = more oversteer. With the stock wheels and tires you will probably want full hard rear and full soft front sway settings.
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