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Originally Posted by rocketrider807 View Post
Ill contribute:
Goals: Competitive autocross car (E-prepared)/Fun Track day car

Model: V6 LS

: BMR Sway Bars, Lowering Springs, 20x8.5 Front Wheels & 20x10 Rear Wheels

Budget: What ever I scrounge together how about this. WANT list w/time line:
20x10 Front Wheels ~ $600+Tires
Coil Overs (BC will do) ~ $1000
CAI: ~$350
Headers (BBK): $700

The parts are in the order that I would purchase, hope to have the first two by the time autocross season starts, the other two will come when they come . Considering jamming bushing kits in before the power mods.
I'm guessing that you mean E-Street Prepared rather than EP. EP is the place for gutted and 10"+ race-slicked Hondas and such that weigh barely half of what your Camaro does.

I'm going to take the other track and recommend the square setup. Mainly it's with autocross in mind, where getting a large heavy car to turn in is more important than being able to add throttle a few feet sooner.

Out on the big track, a square setup is probably less necessary although it (arguably) will allow you to develop as a "momentum driver" - carrying slightly higher midcorner speed and rolling into the throttle more gently than a "point and shoot" style (where a staggered wheel/tire setup compensates somewhat for being more aggressive with the throttle.

For autocross, I'd suggest not running any so-called "race" tunes, as that usually means "drag race" which can be too abrupt for good throttle modulation. IOW, too easy to get wheelspin and tailhappiness as you get into the throttle exiting a turn onto what passes for "straights" at autocross. You do want a tune with any CAI in order to get the most out of the CAI - and to protect the engine against running lean.

Your car and mine run at about the same power to weight ratio, and I'm still experiencing mild push (understeer) on the tighter turns at NJMP (I guess you could call it my "home" track). Fairly heavy understeer is easy to come by at autocross around 180 single-cone pin turns, but it's not bad otherwise. At any rate, 9.5" wide wheels and 255/45 tires just aren't enough any more, and -1.8 (front) camber isn't really enough either but at least it's not entirely horrible.

285/35-20's in Michelin PSS on your 10's is one of two suggestions I'd make, and the 285/35-20 Hankook RS-3 is the other. BTW (full disclosure - I'm currently looking at 285/35-18's in either the PSS or in Hankook's RS-3 on 18x10.5's for next year). The RS-3's are probably a bit grippier in the dry than the PSS, but you pay for that with a shorter tread life and wet performance that's not quite up to the PSS.

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