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I have Vertical Doors Inc. door hinges on my car and don't have any problems, nor did I with their company. The owner himself did a lot of the work (along with other shop mechanics), and was respectful and knowledgable in regards to his own product. Overall, I had a good experience with them and would go back.

I don't like taking my car to ANY shop, and it went fine for me if that makes you somewhat comfortable. I'm the most picky son of a bitch when it comes to my car. I don't think you should have a problem. If you dont want to pay with the credit card over the phone from a sales rep, ask to speak with the owner and ask him to take the payment information. If they do anything at all that's shady and wrongful with your CC info., it's one hell of a mean lawsuit. There is no way a company as well known as VDI wants to deal with that, or even take a chance. I paid cash for my door hinges though, so I don't know how they handle their credit card transactions.
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