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I was poking around and they have a package for 1LE suspension minus hubs and rear cradle bushings. The part numbers they list do not match with those I've seen on this thread. Is there something I'm missing?

22812942 Front Stab Bar Asm (bar, links, bushing, clamp, nut) 1
22786260 Rear Stab Bar Asm (bar, bushing, clamp, bolt) 1
22761221 Rear Stab Bar Link 2
22812982 Front Strut Asm, LH (strut, spring, mount) 1
22812983 Front Strut Asm, RH (strut, spring, mount) 1
22981391 Rear Shock 2
22922445 Rear Shock Mount, LH 1
22922446 Rear Shock Mount, RH 1
22845487 Rear Toe Link 2
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