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Originally Posted by Hixson View Post
Just from the research ive done, if your car is an auto the 2600-2800 is too low for a stage 3 cam. You will likely need to look in the 3200-3600 range. Everyone says that its one of the best mods to do on your car and really wakes it up. However, I just elected to go with a GPI SS1 cam kit as I do not wish to replace the stall. This install at a shop would likely be a little more than a couple hundred bucks, and youre also supposed to run an additional transmission cooler as soon as you add a stall
Tks. Did a lot of Google and Youtube and that 3200-3600 came up. Don't know how easy/hard the install would be? I think the additional transmission cooler line might be straight forward. I see the wisdom if you are drag racing, yet it also seems like it might be a nice mod for street use also and I wonder why that isn't more chatter about it?
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