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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
Correct the gearing will help the Z/28 in the 1/4. Calculators show it at 11.8
The 1Gen Z/28 SUPRISINGLY didn't suck. In fact it was almost as fast as the top 396.
....true, the 3.73 in the ZL1 with the tranny gearing does not trap out very high RPM wise in 4th gear, there's too much motor left in the quarter. Shorter gears would benefit the ZL1 in the quarter and road course, but would compromise the 186 MPH <governed> top end. It's amazingly balanced for top end, all length's of road courses and quarter mile as it could possibly be. The Z/'s bred for road racing with winding, twisting turns..., the more, the merrier! The 1320' times are going to be something better than the ZL1 I believe. It'll dig out and wind up easier with the TR6060, 3:91's, 300 lb. diet and 7,100 redline..awesome....
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