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Originally Posted by Sweet Zness View Post
Well then help ME understand. Will this car be allowed to race in NASA, SCCA, or Grand Am? How will it be classified within THEIR rules?

If it won't be, then congrats. We are touting a "real road racer" that is merely a road racer on the street. Or a road racer that built for people who understand this car might not be sanctioned to race. Or in other words, a road racer that can't officially road race. Built for less than one half of one percent of the population who would road race it as compared to the masses who would romp on it next to a competitor.

So who doesn't get it?
That would be you. You don't get it.

The new Z/28 is not some race car built for a specific series of races. It is a car that is still street legal so you can drive to/from a track, and still be able to participate in trackdays/HPDE/TT/club racing/etc (an increasing popular sport/hobby that Chevy is focusing on). Just because there isn't a specific spec series for the new Z/28, you're calling it irrelevant? Why wouldn't the new Z/28 be allowed to race in NASA/SCCA clubs? You're allow to race anything with them. There's a class for everything.

I'll refer you to this thread:
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